Fed up with the airlinesThe  Piper PA-46-500TP Meridian is a turbine powered, single engine, pressurized cabin class aircraft with seating for five passengers plus one pilot. Launched at the beginning of the new millennium by Piper, the Meridian is Piper's flagship product designed to meet the stringent requirements of scheduled business and personal transportation. It combines an impressive avionics suite, coupled with the reliable and proven Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42A turboprop engine, resulting in an airplane that is up to the challenges of the most demanding mission profiles.

Some of the attributes of the Meridian are turboprop power; 1,100 mile range with a 30,000 ft ceiling; 300 mph cruise speed; flight into known icing (FIKI) certified; strong takeoff and landing performance (especially in hot and high conditions) making even the smallest airports accessible; the ability to climb to altitude quickly and efficiently thus flying above most weather and turbulence.

From a passenger perspective, passengers enjoy the low noise and vibration levels of the Meridian's turboprop engine combined with the comfort of a pressurized, air-conditioned cabin environment and spacious and comfortable seating. While slower than commercial jetliners, the Meridian’s attributes and advanced avionics allow it takeoff/land from smaller airports and to fly directly to most destinations, thus delivering total travel times that are in most cases shorter than commercial air travel, without the associated hassles.

Piper Meridian

Single Engine Turboprop

FAA Type Designation P46T

Cabin Class Pressurized Single – Flight into Known Icing Approved

Cruising Speed

Maximum Cruise Power

260 ktas (300 mph, 482 km/h)


with 45 Minute Reserve

1,000 nm (1,150 miles, 1,885 km)

Fuel Capacity


170 US gal (644 liters)

Service Ceiling

Maximum Approved Altitude
30,000 ft  or FL300 (9,144 m)

Takeoff Distance

F20º, Gross Weight

Ground Roll: 1,650 ft (503 m)

Over 50 ft Obstacle: 2,438 ft (743 m)

Landing Distance

Ground Roll: 1,020 ft (311 m)

Over 50 ft Obstacle: 2,110 ft (643 m)

Cabin Pressurization

Maximum Cabin Differential 5.5 psid
Cabin pressure eq. to ~10K ft @ 30K ft.
For comparison a commercial  airliner’s equivalent cabin pressure is ~8.5K ft

Standard Rate of Climb
@ Vy and MTOW

1,800 fpm, 550 m/min


MTOW: 5,092 lbs (2,310 kg)

Useful Load: 1,701 lbs (771 kg)


Wing Span: 43.0 ft (13.1 m)

Length: 29.6 ft (9.0 m)  Height: 11.3 ft (3.4 m)

Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42A Turboprop

500 SHP

Max Endurance
with Full Fuel

5 hours

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